NYT Law Advogados


We perform work in the judicial and extrajudicial litigation, fostering advisory and preventative solutions using alternatives to conflicts and controversies (ADRs) and arbitration. We provide services in the areas of Consumer Law, Banking Law, Civil Liability for pecuniary loss and mental distress (moral damages), Business and Trade Law, highlighting Recovery and Bankruptcy, in addition to all the areas involving demands between individuals themselves and between individuals and companies.

Our law office possesses wide experience in segments which demand regulation, such as those related to health, biotechnology and food areas. We provide advisory to our clients on issues related to specific legislation concerning regulatory agencies, and especially the Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (Brazilian Domestic Agency for Supplementary Health - ANS), Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Brazilian Domestic Health Surveillance Agency - ANVISA) and the Ministry of Health (MS). The scope of our work also encompasses civil actions in demands related to healthcare and dental plans and insurance.

Considering family as one of the main asset in someone's life, our office provides an area specialized in related topics, encompassing legal protection upon divorce and succession outcomes. By establishing a partnership with psychologists - one of our differentials - it becomes possible to provide assistance to such transitions in moments of hardship, such as marital breakups or the passing of family members. The office provides all kinds of services related to Family and Succession Law such as divorce, stable union dissolutions, dividing property and debts, prenuptial agreements, dating contracts, custody of minors, parental alienation, visitation regulations, support for minors and the elderly, foreign support and bioethics. The office holds lectures in schools, clubs and companies on topics related to Family Law and Succession.

Our law office provides customized services for both individuals and legal entities concerning all demands related to this branch of Civil Law, ranging from the collection of condominial nonperformance up to the merger of large construction works. Among the services provided are advisory on of real estate acquisitions, inspection of associated documentation, trading instruments preparation, real property legitimization, permits issuance, licenses submitted to government agencies, construction work entries and amendments to the register of deeds, among others.

In alignment with the development of new technologies, our firm provides advisory services to clients' demands related to cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/Blockchain), robotics, genetic engineering, Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, as well as lawsuits regarding the Right to Privacy, Privacy Law and Databases, Right to Oblivion and Virtual inheritance.

One of the most relevant fields in Brazilian Law, the labor division acts in lawsuits is related to judicial and administrative litigations (MTE - Ministry of Labor and Employment and MPT - Labor Prosecution Office), as well as business routines advisory services and preparation of reports. We provide services in the areas of variable compensation, compliance, litigation management, contingencies estimation in mergers and acquisitions, union negotiations and negotiation of athletes within Sports Law. We also provide a specific section for assisting companies in hiring foreigners and expatriation. Our law office also holds in-house lectures on topics related to Labor Reform, Variable Compensation and Benefits and Trade Union Law.

Considering the impending social security reform, our law office provides an innovative client service for the demands of the sector, including services related to advisory, judicial and extrajudicial litigation, as well as the assessment and applications for benefits, retirement and survivor's pensions in general. It also provides advisory services for leave applications and a complete service for assessing absenteeism, plus audits.

We provide full legal support for structuring foreign companies' startup businesses in Brazil as well as Brazilian companies' businesses abroad, with advisory for seed capital receipts. We also provide studies of compliance to Brazilian and North American corporate records, as well as the organization of companies and the drafting of association agreements. We recently inaugurated the structuring of Social Businesses in partnership with angel funding companies.

Yet within the scope of business and investment areas, our law office provides advisory on mergers and acquisitions, assessing the transfer of holdings or assets, reorganizations and corporate reorganizations.

We also deal with legal and regulatory issues involved in mergers & acquisitions operations, advising on negotiations and formalizing operations, devising contracts for purchasing and selling shares or assets; investment contracts, joint ventures, consortiums and organizing the corporate documents needed in order to carry out such operations.

Performance in lawsuits and condominial nonperformance, contracts for residential and commercial condominium, participation in meetings of co-owners, collection and negotiation of default of the unit owner's mortgage. We also offer legal advice to the condo property manager, as well as mediation for dealing with issues sensitive to condominiums.